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What Should I Put In My Range Bag?

The Alpha Dogg is a real beast, designed to transmit sounds farther than most people realize they can hear. This monster is perfect to set up and stalk. Complete with 64 pre-programmed calls, the Alpha Dogg (see full specs) has the ability to play uploaded, custom distress calls, taken from a variety of different online sources.

The unit can be folded for easy carry and storage, as well as being man portable to walk and ‘talk’. The Alpha Dogg is the pro series of coyote calls and is the best electronic coyote call period. And if you combine it with a Mojo Critter decoy as shown in this video, you’d have an unbeatable combo in attracting coyotes.

Our biggest caution amongst buyers reading this review:If you own a Gen 4 Glock, your choices will be much more limited. We did our best to provide reviews for different types of Glock owners based on budget, model, and basic preferences, and we’ve included a laser sight option for Gen 4 owners.

That being said, we think we’ve picked Glock 19 laser sights that will satisfy most gunowners. LaserLyte Laser Sights for all GlocksMaterials – The LaserLyte Laser Sight is universal amongst all Glocks. It’s a compact and lightweight laser that is installed on the rear of your Glock, and it’s made of heavy duty high carbon steel.

It provides a single red dot that can be in constant on mode or a pulsing mode. It’s activated by an ambidextrous on/off button, and it has an automatic shut off after six minutes of not being used. This Glock laser doesn’t interfere with any existing modifications to your Glock, and it doesn’t even weigh half of an ounce.

LaserLyte also provides a one year limited warranty. Performance – This options is the most simplistic and standard red dot laser we have featured in this review. It’s minimally designed and simply gets the job done for you and your Glock. But for target practice at the range, 10X will work fine for you.

And in pressing instances like that, it is only normal that you will prioritize the proper functioning of your two-way radios because if something is off with the walkie talkies, your entire adventure might be in a state of jeopardy, stopping you from having the fun.

That’s why, when it comes to choosing a two-way radio, you should only go with the best. Some radios are explicitly waterproof while other radios are amazing in terms of range. Some are good for the wilderness while others need replacing rechargeable batteries more often.

It is, therefore, crucial to know the major details about two-way radios to ensure their proper functioning. In this piece, we are going to elaborate on the very best long-range two-way radios. These are well-founded and tested through time. Positive reviews, amazing qualities, and a dedication to giving the users exactly what they need to set them apart.

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The Accushot Sports A Mil-dot Reticle

The extra clarity, magnification, and superfine reticle make it easy to squeeze out every bit of accuracy a rifle has to offer! Large target turrets – Fine target reticle – Turrets are amazing and can return to original settings easily and accurately3. UTG Accushot 4-16X44 (Best Under $100)Price Range: Around $100My Review: The UTG Accushot is easily the most feature-laden scope in the $100 price range and has remained a top choice for the discerning air gunner for many years.

The Accushot sports a mil-dot reticle, zero reset-able locking target turrets, side focus parallax adjustment, a generous 44mm objective, and a hefty 30mm tube. It’s literally every feature that an air gunner could want in an air rifle scope and a bargain at that! If that wasn’t enough, the scope comes equipped with flip-up scope caps to protect your lenses and a set of 30mm Picatinny rings.

One of the only drawbacks to the scope is that the optical clarity isn’t as bright as a similarly priced scope like the Bushnell Banner. The illuminated reticle also tends to be a little bright and can wash out and distort the reticle. Overall, I can’t say enough good things about this optic and would recommend it to anyone.

I’ve owned scopes a lot more expensive, but I always keep an Accushot in my stable since they’ve been so reliable for me. Mil-Dot reticle – Lockable and Zeroing Target Turrets – Side Focus parallax adjustment – Extremely feature-laden for the price – Durable; perfect for all power plants – Terrific Bargain4.

Hawke Airmax 4-1650 AMX IRPrice Range: Around $400My Review: If the Vantage doesn’t cost enough to get your rocks off, Hawke Sport Optics has a more expensive offering, the Airmax, roughly double the price of the Vantage while offering improved magnification levels despite starting at the same 4x but reaching up to 16x instead of 12x as the Vantage has.

This scope has traded out the traditional MOA reticle for an AMX reticle. For the new shooter, this reticle is not advised as it’s very complicated to use but offers great flexibility and versatility, especially for taking your air rifle hunting and trying to get ridiculous distances out of it.

The spacing of the AMX is at 10x MIL Dot and is glass etched to ensure stability and protection from that evil multi-directional air gun recoil we all know and love. These optics have added an additional 5 layers of coatings over the 11 found on the Vantage totaling 16 layers of protection and performance.

A lot of scopes are “air gun compatible” but not many are actually designed with the mechanics of an air gun as the main focal point. However, this is meant to be a starter unit and not for professional mass production. One downside is that the basket is not removable, which can make it difficult to clean after use.

It also can get quite loud just as if the Skyman, but it definitely had better reviews from first-time users. ConclutionWhether you are in the market to add an ultrasonic cleaner to your soldering and PCB hobby or professional work, there are a variety of options available for consumer use.

They range in sizes from as small as 800 milliliters up to about twenty-four gallons. These are mostly consumer options though and professional models can get even larger. Most high-quality ultrasonic options have built-in heaters and digital displays to control temperature and time settings. In addition, some units provide several ultrasonic modes that make degassing, mixing, and cleaning a lot easier.

Consider investing in one of the Elmasonic models if you are looking for variety as they come in several sizes and some allow for temperature and frequency control. The best thing you can do for your PCB when using an ultrasonic cleaner is to provide variable frequencies and waves because it prevents damage to the board while giving a thorough cleaning.

As always, we recommend doing some research on the various products on the market today as some of these units may not fit your needs directly. Read the reviews as they are always helpful coming from actual users. No related posts. By Yahya • Ultrasonic Cleaner 0Yahya achourI have been a computer nerd since way back in high school.

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